I’ve Decided To Drug Test My Teen: Now What?

So you either have a strong suspicion that your teen is using drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or you know for sure they are. What do you do next?

Many parents have decided that they want objective proof of use through drug testing. It’s a fast and inexpensive tool to help make the conversation with your teen a lot more honest.

But first consider the following:
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Depression and Teens: What to Know

Teen in leaves

Depression is the most common mental health disorder in the United States among teens. It’s no wonder depression and teens seem inseparably connected. It’s important to know the difference though between normal teenage mood changes and the signs of something more serious. Untreated depression can lead to potential drug use and in some cases suicide. But there is hope. Your teen can be helped and it starts with you. Continue reading “Depression and Teens: What to Know”

How To Drug Test Your Teen: The right way

Urine drug test cup

As more teens either experiment with, or abuse drugs, more parents are choosing to home drug test their teens. Medical professionals have been using drug testing as part of ongoing treatment plans for decades. In the last few years, test kits have become inexpensive and much more available to the general public. It’s also not required that samples are sent to a lab. Test results are availale within minutes.

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Confronting My Teen About Drug Use

As a parent, there are many emotions that you might feel if you suspect your teen is using drugs. They could range from disappointment, to guilt, or sadness.

One of them will most certainly be anger. This is the one you have to resist the most. Understand that if you are going to confront your teen, anger is the least productive and most damaging.

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Why Do Teens Do Drugs?

The truth is different teens have different reasons for taking drugs. Whatever the reason, they will almost all be faced with that choice at some point. For some the answer will be an easy “No”, but for others the choice is a lot more complicated and difficult.

Physiologically most teens brains just aren’t developed enough, which leads to irrational and impulsive decision making. Seen from a teenagers perspective, drugs seem to sometimes have more advantages than disadvantages.

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Home Drug Tests For Teens: Should You?

I recently had a conversation with my daughter that really alarmed me. She estimated that 60% of the kids at her high school are using drugs in varying degrees. I don’t know if her percentage was right, but it really doesn’t matter. What I took from that comment was that drug usage is fairly common at her school.

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